Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's who's day?

A lot has happened since my last post, but I won't even attempt to relate it herew nor would I think that people would be interested. Instead, let me tell you of some new people that I have become aware of in the past month. One person that I have recently become are of is someone that I had recently noticed previously but had not really thought much of other than the casual notion that he was probably insane. Over the past month I have become increasingly aware that not only was my original notion correct, but more correct in ways that I never thought possible. Now I will not state all of his crazies in this one posting but I'd like you to muse on a concept and just think about what it means to you. What does Tuesday mean to you? Have you thought about it? Are you staring at the computer confused? We you wondering wtf Im talking about? Let me tell you what this extraordinarily gentlemen told one of my coworkers. Tuesday is the day of Mars. As such he wears red in honor of him. Ok let me tell you what happened. I have a friend who can imitate this guys vice so perfectly that my skin feels like its crawling every time he does it. Soooo recently he wore a red shirt to work and then informed me that our extraorindary friend was wearing a red shirt too. A first I tout he was full of it. Then I realized that they were both in fact wearing red short sleeved button down shirts. And that he had worn the red shirt on purpose. I told my friend that he should inform the extraorindary man that he liked his outfit that day. My friend said that he wouldnt do it without an audience. At the time I thought it ridiculous but I understand his rationale. Some things are meant to be shared. This was one of them. Sooo a bunch of doing our usual coffee club thing in the afternoon bump into our extraordinary friend and my other friend just can't help himself. He has to go and tell our extraordinary friend just how much he likes his shirt. Their matching shirts. Instead of mentioning the fact that they are both wearing the same shirts, our extraordinary friend says the following sentence: "I wear red on Tuesday in honor of Mars." No he was not doing it to pull our tail. No, none of us were expecting it. I therefore did something that horrifies me. I started laughing so hard that I almost peed myself. I had to run out of the area so that i could stop biting my fist which wasalmost about to bleed. No for real, thats how hard i was biting into my fist to stop myself from laughing. I couldnthelp it. I just wasn't expecting that response. No normal human being would expect that response as their real, true answer to the comment of, I like your shirt. I gotta say, our extraordinary friend did one on me. This I will say to him. Thank you for giving me a greater appreciation and respect for Tuesdays. I hope that you all have a greater respect for it too. Happy Tuesday! :)