Friday, February 25, 2011

The Anti-Climatic Update

Yooo whats up internet world.  Alright so this blog post is not the epic awesome blog post that I had previously promised.  Eventually that blog post will go up, but for right now I will just have to disappoint you and update you on my life which has taken a pretty crazy turn.  Ok, so a lot of you knew that I was intending on continuing my education immediately after college.  Well, I have officially changed my mind and decided to take a stab at the real world and get a real job.  God help America.  Anyways, it seriously feels like a giant weight has just been lifted off of my shoulders so I know that I've made the right decision. Awesomeness.

Ok here's a little taste of what my epic, semi-serious blog post will be about.  For the past few years I've been reading online newspapers like,,, huffington get the picture and I realized that no matter what else was going on in the world, I always made it a point to read about anything that had to do with the American education system.  When I realized this, I justified my constantly going immediately to these articles because I am currently in the American education system and therefore seem much more immediate and real to me than articles complaining about Obama or the economy or basically anything that had to do with real life (note that my most frequented website after my e-mail and facebook is so you can just see how I view my reality).  I also realized that I was getting furious with a lot of the articles concerning education in American colleges and universities, but mostly because they're making this assumption that because we don't seem to be testing well, we are therefore idiots.  I keep on reading articles talking about how our generation knows less than previous generations, that we have no sense of community, that we've lost touch with the real world, that we have all of these anxiety and psychological issues which is caused by our bullying nature and high competition.  Everything I keep on reading in these articles makes us seem like we're a self-destructive generation that has no hope of turning America around.  Yet, I can't help but be infuriated by what is being written because we're being judged by people outside of our generation who are basing their analysis on specific and fantastic events.  We're being judged by people who have not gone through what we have.  I've read a few articles claiming that we don't have the same "American" spirit as before.  Well let me tell you something.  No shit we're different than previous generations. We didn't grow up in the same world as our parents or grandparents.  We have a war that the majority of us don't understand nor support but this isn't our Vietnam.  We have a recession but this isn't our Great Depression.  Basically, what I'm gonna do in the blog post that I keep on promising is attempt to understand what it means to be in our generation and I guess my whole point is that we, as a generation, need to stop being ok with the fact that these "outsiders" are attempting to define us.  They're attempting to give us an identity which does not in fact depict us at all.  Maybe its time that we start depicting what it really means to be a part of our generation so we can stop having people define it for us.  If you do not want to read anything that has to do with that, then I recommend that you be cautious about reading my next few blog posts.  Thanks for being patient with me as I try to grasp who we are.

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkein

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Update Coming Soon

I haven't forgotten about the blog. I'm working on a post that is a little different from what I normally write on, so please deal with me because my brain is a little preoccupied at the moment with how to word my big blog post. But in other news, I body-painted myself in blue and had a handprint on my face Braveheart style and ran around in the freezing cold last night in a sports bra, body paint, and workout pants. No I have no rational for it and under normal circumstances, if I were on the other side looking at the scene we made last night, I would have been seriously disturbed and probably would have written about how stupid those people were. But the reality is that the fact that is was insane is what made it so much fun. Sometimes the release from the everyday is just what you need. Over and out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

oh no you didn'tttt

OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST HEAD BUTT THE BACK OF MY HEAD BECAUSE YOUR HEAD-BANGING!!!! An apology is in order, like now. Oh and freak, when you just sneezed, you actually ended up flinging your back so hard into the booth that you knocked me forward and I hit my elbow on the table in front of me. You are not on my good list, sir.

Also, congratulations to the new SDT pledge class!!! And for all of you lazy butts reading this. STOP READING AND GO OUTSIDE! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! That is all. Go eat chocolate shaped like hearts.

Oh and kid, you put your hand up near my face again, I might just high-five it just to freak you out.

What is that noiseeee

Alright kid sitting behind me in Clemons. Just in case you haven't noticed, our seats are connected, so every time you start jumping up and down to your favorite song or because you feel the need to jump out of your seat and correct your friend sitting across from you, you're making the seat move up...kinda like a waterbed. Similar situation except I seriously don't want to be there with you. No but really, you've gotta be twice my weight, so please, keep your head bobbing and jumping up and down on your seat to a minimum. You're not five and jumping on your bed at home. Oh, and I seriously don't wanna listen to your weird ass techno music so if you could kindly turn your music down as well, that'd be great. Also, whistling to techno music...really? Do you know just how wrong that is? How the hell are you supposed to feel the intensity that is so powerful in techno music when you're whistling to it like you're freakin Bing Crosby. Seriously kid, you've got some serious audio issues.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! It's beautiful outside! In words of Alyssa: Weather, you are my Valentine! Oh and I definitely ran this morning before I went to the library. I just patted myself on the back.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Things

So the last 24 hours have been full of trying new things for me.

1) I have a new background.  If you haven't already noticed then you are either one, colorblind or two, possibly mentally retarded.

2) I bought the new Crest Whitening Strips.  One of my housemates has been using them and her teeth look ridiculously white now.  Not like Ross on Friends white, although that would be kinda cool, but like actually white.  And seeing as I drink multiple cups of coffee every day it would probably be beneficial for me to whiten my teeth.  It would also be beneficial for anyone who is friends with me on facebook and has to see photos of my not so white teeth.  So basically I'm doing this for humanity.  Your welcome.

3) I was introduced to Pinterest.  My productivity was already at an all time low but this will indeed assure my academic failure.  Your welcome Camerron.  Seriously check it out.  It is my new obsession.  You can find beautiful and random photos such as this:

Good bye supposed reality.  I already live in a fantasy world.  Pinterest is merely reenforcing it.  Its a beautiful thing that I shall embrace it and voyage into my new reality.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

...something new

I was getting bored of the previous background and I was kinda feeling down in the dumps (thanks winter) so I thought I'd make my blog look a bit brighter and happier, especially as I am usually writing to complain about dumb people, this happier background seemed to fit better with the title of my blog.  What do you think?

A big hello from my iPhone

Why hello Internet world. I just downloaded a new app to my iPhone which will allow me to further annoy you all by my new ability to create posts via my iPhone! Yay technology and progress.

Basically I'm bored out of my mind in the library having finished my reading of aethelbert's laws for my discussion which won't take place for another 45 minutes. So instead of continuing my 30 game winning streak on solitaire, I thought I'd bother you all with my boredom. Typing on my phone like this made me think of this girl that I've seen about 30-40 times in the last two semesters at Clemons. I've seen her there at all hours of the day, on different floors, and with different people, but the most consistent thing about her is that I have never seen her with a book or a laptop. She comes in and sits in a chair, always with a friend or a group of friends next to her, and she either talks to them or talks on her phone. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with talking jn Clemons but last time I checked, club clem was a derrogatory nickname given to the library because we all so don't want to be there at 2 am on a Monday night. No but really blonde phone talking nerd, you really should reevaluate your life because your phone bill must be ridiculous and honestly, there is NO WAY you have such important things to say that you must speak every second of every day. Here's something my mom taught me: you have two ears and one mouth. Listen more than you speak. Try it out! It may just help you out.

Alright let's see if this posts!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

je ne sais pas

Oh hey.  So like I said my previous posting, I'm trying to post about things that don't piss me off so that I don't seem to be in desperate need of anger management.  So basically, I've decided that normal postings will not be posted on twitter and facebook and more substantial, obnoxious posts that will probably have me institutionalized will be posted on twitter and facebook.  Yes, I know, absolutely genius reasoning.  Have no fear if you don't quite understand my rationale at the moment.  You will probably never understand it.  Kinda like George Mentore's class.  Pretty positive there are some things that he says that I will never understand nor want to understand.  I've decided that this is not necessarily a bad thing as I'm pretty sure that he's not quite sure what he's saying half the time because he asks us what we think and our responses are all pretty similar and then he says that we were all wrong.  I'm calling shenanigans.  Kinda like how I called shenanigans on the dude I was on the phone with at CVS pharmacy.  I hope that was his first day because I'm pretty positive that I may have known more about prescriptions and how to refill them than he did.  The sad thing was that I was reading my prescription bottle.  So does that logically mean that he can't read?  Haven't quite figured that part out yet.  Anyways, I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm really freakin tired.  I'll explain my lack of energy when I understand it.  Also, I lied yesterday on twitter.  I will actually be starting my daily work outs tomorrow.  I will let you, my bored shitless readers, if this actually occurs.

P.S. I got my cap and gown yesterday.  I tried to pretend that it was for my friend and that I was in fact a second year.  I may be in serious denial.  Typical.  At least I didn't lie and say my name was Emma again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Impossible Order

Hello world!  Sorry for the lack of updates for the last few months.  Have no fear, I have not suddenly become soft and lost my judgmental glasses in which I view the rest of the world.  I just keep on forgetting to update my blog whenever I see things of note, so I have decided that this blog shall be my constant cynical ramblings describing the world around me.  Note: I am not actually a cynical person, but for some reason my writing seems to flow much smoother when I'm ranting about something or someone. So, prepare yourself for some new updates in my life and in the world around me.

I would like to update my readers on one thing.  Just so you all know, in case you didn't, chocolate is technically caffeinated and when you order a decaf mocha at Starbucks or at Greenberry's, you are actually asking for something impossible because mocha is actually a combination of coffee and chocolate.  In other words, please don't get angry at the barista when you ask for a decaf mocha and they tell you that's impossible because honestly, they really wanna tell you that you're a moron.  Also, please don't proceed to scream at them and tell them to just make the coffee decaf because chocolate is caffeinated as well.  If they finally agree to your insane request, they've put decaf coffee and caffeinated chocolate in your drink, and therefore your drink is caffeinated.  You.Are.Caffeine.Retarded.  Now that we have established this, please buy yourself a cone of silence, move to the side of the line, and allow me to order my normal, 5-7 word long drink order that actually exists.  Thanks.