Sunday, August 19, 2012

Major Crimes Major Disappointment


Just finished watching the first episode of TNTs new drama, Major Crimes, a spin-off from the highly successful and critically acclaimed drama The Closer which ended last Monday, August 13.  During the last six episodes of The Closer, TNT prepared its audience for the coming of Major Crimes by laying the foundations for the majority of the characters' backgrounds.  It also seemed as if the show was purposefully making the parting from the wonderful Brenda Leigh Johnson less painful by making it seem as if she was starting to loose a grip on what her real function as the Chief of Major Crimes was.  TNT also attempted to warm the audience up to Mary McDonnell's character, Captain Rayder.  During the last few episodes of The Closer, I gotta say that I was starting to root for Rayder.  You actually became upset (and not because of Rayder's seemingly huge, horrific hairstyle) because Brenda didn't seem to really be giving Rayder a chance and it seemed as if Rayder was really trying to help Brenda out.  It seemed as if she really agreed with what Brenda was doing and understood and wanted to continue her work.  Well, let me just tell you all something people.  SHENANIGANS.  The entire plot of the first episode of Major Crimes was basically to undo everything that Brenda had done which, in my opinion, is actually kind of a dick thing to do.  I also don't understand why they had to have Rayder take over as the head of Major Crimes.  I really don't understand why it wouldn't have been possible to have Provenza, played by G.W. Bailey, take over the division.  The tension between the two and the division seems completely unnecessary to the plot of the show.  I personally believe that the transition from The Closer to Major Crimes could have been handled by making Provenza the lead and bringing in one or two more characters to work in the division in order to provide the necessary conflict thats needed for a show to survive.  The entire last season of The Closer it seemed as if Flynn and Provenza were somehow going to be almost like a duo comic act.  I saw none of that in this first episode.  To be honest, I didn't even attempt to laugh once and I basically laugh at everything.  Actually, Flynn seemed almost constipated and the only speaking that Provenza did was to whine to Assistant Chief Taylor about the indignity of putting Rayder ahead of him.  And what in the world is up with the plea-bargaining?  Why in the world would you make that the focus of the show?!?  You could just sense the tension in the room when that was going on and to be honest, I don't want to watch another Law and Order type show which is really what this seems to be turning into.  Why would I want to watch the police officers run around for about half the show to solve it and then watch all of their hard work be whittled away because the city doesn't have the money to pay for trials?  I personally don't want to watch week after week a different attorney coming in to plea-bargain so that we don't gain any back story on the crime or the criminals or victims and for the majority of the Major Crimes Division to be out of the picture.  I understand that they didn't want Rayder to attempt to be getting confessions as freakingly amazingly as Brenda but seriously there has got to be another way then making us watch plea-bargaining.  Also, not a huge fan of this new detective, Sykes.  She seems like a brown-noser, which is the last thing this show needs is for everything to be divided along gender lines.  And Rusty?  WTF?  I am just not feeling that dynamic.  Also, how is he going to be under adult supervision 24/7 if he's living at Rayder's house?  What, is Rayder going to bring him to work because, not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of Rusty's character.  He's wicked annoying.  If this show doesn't really start showcasing the other characters of the Major Crimes Division and doesn't stop this plea-bargaining shenanigans this show is going to get cancelled quickly.  I'm going to watch for another episode, but I seriously hope that I get to watch the Major Crimes Division actually have dialogue and interact with one another rather than watch Rayder with her horrible skin and ridiculous amount of hair.  Seriously, who is the hairstylist on the show and why in the world do you allow her hair which has obviously been treated before and is starting to get fried wear her hair down for all the world to see?  And why is it SO BIG?!?  Its very distracting.

Bottom Line: Major Crimes better change its act soon otherwise it will be a cancelled.  Fast.

Musical Serenity

I just made a splurge purchase yesterday for a pair of Bose headphones from Costco.  When I was making the purchase, I didn't even think twice about it, but once I brought them home I was a little freaked out over what I had done and I was seriously considering taking them back today.  Then I opened the box and there was no going back.  First off, I was wicked confused over the little itty bitty plug coming out of the left ear and I was kind of irritated as to why the hell Bose would make the cord about an inch long.  So I decided that they couldn't be that stupid and I almost busted the headset trying to "expand" the audio cord.  Just FYI if you ever get these headphones: they don't expand.  So don't waste your time to push every little inch of the headphones.  Don't pull at the headphones and think that somehow pulling the headphones apart is going to make the audio cord expand because they won't.  But for real, if you ever buy these headphones, just open up the holding case.  Then you'll realize that the rest of the audio cords are in the case...yeah.

Alright so I finally got it plugged into my laptop and I start listening to my iTunes.  I put on Adele.  Holy shit.  Serenity now.




I really wish that I had had these headphones when I was taking AP Music Theory in high school because I can hear just about every thing in these headphones.  I haven't heard music have this much depth and richness since I was sitting in a recording studio editing my audition tapes.  And the BASS!  HOLY CRAPOLA BATMAN!  I have no idea if anyone can hear the music from my headset but I feel like I'm at a live concert the bass on some of my music is rockin so hard.  LOVE IT!

Bottom Line:  No regrets.  These headphones are FANTASTIC!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tres nouveau

Sorry I haven't updated in the past week.  Life has been kind of crazy.  Good but crazy.

So here are three new things I learned today:

1) The X-Men franchise is also making an alternate reality film.  It would have been cool if Star Trek hadn't rebooted their franchise the same way.  Btw, who knows when the new Star Trek film is coming out?  I need me some Chris Pine.

2) People really do associate Middle East archaeology with Indiana Jones and Nazis.

3) I have found the living manifestation of the "Old Guys" from the Muppets.

Not as cool as last time but I'll try to update more often.  Hope you all have a happy Friday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three New Things

I'm going to start something new based on something I read in the Game of Thrones series.  I'm currently on the fourth book of the series and, without giving anything away I hope, Arya Stark has to learn three new things everyday.  They don't have to be profound but I like the idea so I'm gonna try and do it every once in a while and see what happens.

1) Different rubber band shooting techniques are needed to achieve accuracy on targets at different angles.  For example, a shot across a petition requires a softer upward shot whereas a shot across workspaces can be a straight on power shot.

2) Rubberbands can get stuck into the vents at my work.

3) Icelands initials during the Olympics are ISE.  Not surprising but I didn't know that. Learned that by watching men's handball.

What are three things you learned today?