Thursday, June 30, 2011

My life as a former college student

My life is basically in limbo right now.  I'm not a college student, I'm kind of employed, and its the summer and I'm just kind of chilling but I'm not technically on summer break.  So I'm kind of in this bizarre place of not really knowing where I am.  As one of my childhood friends put it, "I basically feel like I'm retired."  A very odd feeling.  Nor have I completed a third of what I set out to do.  Oh procrastination, how you've come back to haunt me.

Right now I am attempting to turn my childhood bedroom into something more acceptable for a 22 year old adult.  The merging of my college room and my childhood bedroom is not going as smoothly as I had tricked myself into believing  hoped.  Right now I'm working on the disaster that is my bookshelves.  I realized just how obsessed I am with my books and more interestingly, my notebooks from school, that I cannot rationalize getting rid of any of them.  Ok thats a lie.  There are some books that I absolutely have no problem getting rid of (Sabato, cough).  I managed to clean out one room of my crap and now its all sitting on my floor.

Oh bookshelves why does your clutter and ability to stump me seem to define my life at the moment.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And It Follows Me

And I thought that this only happened to me in Charlottesville.  Well folks, I'm sitting in Starbucks in Northern Virginia and once again people, weird, odd people, feel the need to sit on top of me.  Although the Starbucks is relatively full, there are multiple large tables empty...away from me.

Also, I believe whole-heartedly in the clean air act.  Really, I do.  I believe that it is a great cause that I believe many people do not fully appreciate.  So, to the extraordinarily smelly man sitting next to me.  Please, do us all a favor, and take a shower.  You are carrying an Italian briefcase.  You can afford to take a shower.  So please, enforce the clean air act and help America smell more beautiful.  But really, I came in here because I like the smell of coffee...not your BO.

Oh, and also to Mr Odorman, just in case you didn't notice, the man sitting across from you is not wearing a hearing currently he's not hard of hearing, but let me tell you something: after you've screamed in his face for about twenty minutes, he will be.  So here's a tip when you're trying to gain a new client: take a shower and stop screaming in the poor man's face.  You will truly enhance your life.  Best of luck to you Mr Odorman.

P.S. You should enact upon these new concepts immediately.  No, but really, you should want to make your life better as soon as now.  kthanx.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello From a New Location

Hello all!  So here's basically the breakdown of my life in the last couple of weeks: I graduated from the University of Virginia, went to Maine, came back, and now I'm chilling at home in Northern Virginia trying to get my life together.  Oh, and I basically deactivated facebook.  I'm thinking about only using it to show people that I've updated my blog but we'll see.

So for the last few weeks, I've been trying to figure out a possible location to people watch from and at first I really wasn't coming up with anything.  Today I arrived at my local Starbucks and boom, found the perfect location.  This place is absolutely jammed and I've been here for about an hour already.  Its filled with college-aged students, stay-at-home moms, computer geek dads, random out of work people, and an assortment of the local flavor.  Can't wait for the high schoolers to walk in after 2:30.  Starbucks is seriously the new fourth floor of Clemons...or perhaps the fourth floor of Clemons copied Starbucks...?  No idea.  Anyways, I found my new location so be ready NoVA.  You're about to be watched. :)