Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Question

Alright dear readers I have a quick question for you.  A few weeks ago I piled about 7 books on my desk and decided that I was going to read them from top to bottom.  Now I'm nearing the bottom and looking for more books to read.  I've been seeing a lot of hype on The Hunger Games and I read a quick synopsis and it actually looks pretty interesting.  Post-apocolyptic story with a Greek mythology twist (Theseus and the Minotaur anyone?)...seems up my alley.  Has anyone read it/would recommend it?  Thanks a billion-trillion-times infinity plus one.  Ok, this may be why I want to read it.

Completely irrelevant update:

So I applied for a certain job in the middle of June and had not heard back from them for about two months so understandably I thought that I had been rejected.  Just when I had completely forgotten that I had in fact applied to said job, I get an email saying that they had received my application and were presently reviewing it.  Well thats fantastic.  I only sent it over their mail server over two months before.  Why yes, I do believe that means that I was perhaps questioning their technological abilities.  But I'd just like to let you all know that I am now no longer questioning their abilities.  Now I'm just thoroughly confused.  If someone sent you the same exact email every day for a week and a half, would you interpret that to mean that they are in fact technologically retarded, brain dead, or that they consider you to be one of the former two options?  I cannot decide whether I am insulted that they believe me to be incapable of understanding a three line email or whether I should be concerned that they may in fact be brain-dead.  Either way, I am most glad that they managed to send me my obligatory email before midnight.  I would have felt neglected without it.

I think sitting at home has made me brain dead.  Brilliant.


  1. My mom really liked the Hunger Games, though I haven't read them. She likened them to an older, much more mature Harry Potter (aka beyond Book 7's maturity) and is also quite excited for the movie versions.

    This one is sort of off the wall, but "The Poet of Baghdad" was a very fast and enjoyable read - took me about four hours on a plane.

  2. Everyone at Chantilly had to read it this summer. It's not the kind of thing I usually read but it's awesome. Definitely recommended.