Monday, May 7, 2012

Once Upon a TV Show

So now its May and summer is near and unfortunately that means that some of my favorite TV shows are nearing their season finales butttttt some are starting back up again!!! yayyy!!! Oh cable TV, thank goodness you put on all of your shows during the summer, otherwise what would I watch during summer vacation.  Oh wait...yeah, I've just hit that disappointing realization that this is the first summer ever that I will not have off.  Do you know just how depressing that is?  But thats alright because I am determined to make it fun and enjoyable, even if I cannot sit out tanning all day like I usually do.  I guess this means less chance of skin cancer for me?  Lame.   Anyways, I have other plans for getting over the summer blues, such as contemplating WHAT IS GOING ON IN ONCE UPON A TIME!!!!!  Ok seriously, BEST.SHOW.ON.TV.  Yes, I am that girl that is wildly obsessed with the show.  Yes I do watch the sneak peeks and freak out over them and yes, I do spend more time than I should at work talking about it with other girls, but you know what, ITS NECESSARY!  Because for all of you weirdos out there that haven't seen this show, its written by the same crazies that wrote LOST which means that there are way more twists and turns than should be allowed, hereto it is required and necessary for me to have to talk the show out.  The season finale is this Sunday and there are way too many questions that still need to be answered.  Number one is not even from the show itself but from the nut cases over at ABC.  Hey, ABC, I don't know if you've noticed, but Once Upon a Time is the hottest thing on TV (no but for real the ratings actually say that), so would you mind renewing it so that I don't have a heart attack because seriously, if you don't renew, I'm gonna hope and pray that Regina rips out my heart so that I can't feel like the Huntsman.  Oh the Huntsman.  Ok really, who saw that coming because I didn't.  I read an article like a month ago talking about the fact that the Huntsman is only dead in our world and not in Fantasyland soooooo theres hope for our wonderful accented friend to come back.  Writers are you reading this.  We need more scruffy accented men in our lives.  BRING.HIM.BACK.  kthanx.  So anyways, I'm just gonna throw some things out there and I'm sorry if you haven't been watching the series, but there are major spoilers coming in this post so you might wanna stop reading.  Or continue reading and realize just how pathetic and incredibly worthless your life is without this show.  Good.  Now that I've got your attention with my seemingly overly dramatic view of your life (its not really, its a fact), lets get back to where I was going.  Oh, so here are some things to think about before the season finale.

1) Will you be having apple martinis while viewing in honor of the evil queen and in hoping for Henry's full recovery.  Its so cruel to harm a child but it was necessary.  Emma is a bit of a dumbass and kinda needed this.  But Henry, I wish you the best and I hope that you get well soon because although I find your voice to be whiny, I'd rather not have a child die on this show.  That would be sad.  And its a Disney-owned channel so that would seriously be a downer.
2) If you believe that Henry will wake up, how do you think it will happen?
3) what think you of the Mad Hatter? Personally, he's so freaky that I love his character.  He scares the crap out of me but its still awesome.
4) Does anyone else remember Katherine/Abigail's lover (Frederick?) coming to her rescue in the woods after she got into the car accident?  Where in the world is he?!?
5) Did anyone see the Stranger being Pinocchio before that episode?  Anyone?  Yeah I didn't think so.  Seriously awesome plot twist.
6)What is your favorite episode?  This is a serious toughy for me so I'm gonna have to really think about it.
7) Think of the character development that you like the least.  Mines easily the Cinderella character.  She sucks.
8) Can someone please explain to me how, if Henry is the only child who's aging, how he can be at school with kids who have been 10 years old for like 28 years?  Someone please explain this to me.  How can everyone else see that he's growing up but no one else is getting over.  Seriously, Hallmark must be losing a lot of money on those birthday cards.
9) Also, is it bad that I think its hilarious that the most awful place that they're sent to is Maine?  My family's from Maine so I think that its absolutely hilarious.  For those of you who are reading this and know my mother, your image of her reaction to this fact is probably dead on.  Words cannot describe just how beautiful that reaction was.
10) Oh and Mr Gold.  I freaking love him.  I realize that I'm not supposed to and every time I get a handle on him, he screws up my opinion but he's so freaking good and I love how the actor really changes his mannerisms depending on which world he's acting.  Its seriously a joy to watch even if he is the best bad/good/bad guy ever. But for real, reactions on him.  Good/bad/the ugly/all of the above?  I will accept any of these answers with ample and logical justification.

So these are just a few of my comments on the show.  I may or may not have another post concerning Once Upon a Time before the season finale.  Seriously, if you want, post comments so I can see what everyone's thinking.  The show is so awesome and yet so confusing in some places that its fun to hear others opinions.

Oh and for all of you men that claim that they have never watched the show, I heard four guys in line behind me in Dunkin Donuts talking about how much they enjoy the show.  They were talking in whispers.  I most definitely responded.  It was magical.

May you wear your heart on your sleeve...and keep it as your own.  ):

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  1. Love this post!!!
    I feel like I am caught up on the show -even though I do not watch it
    Oh and I know your mother - sweet woman - totally get it!!!