Sunday, August 19, 2012

Musical Serenity

I just made a splurge purchase yesterday for a pair of Bose headphones from Costco.  When I was making the purchase, I didn't even think twice about it, but once I brought them home I was a little freaked out over what I had done and I was seriously considering taking them back today.  Then I opened the box and there was no going back.  First off, I was wicked confused over the little itty bitty plug coming out of the left ear and I was kind of irritated as to why the hell Bose would make the cord about an inch long.  So I decided that they couldn't be that stupid and I almost busted the headset trying to "expand" the audio cord.  Just FYI if you ever get these headphones: they don't expand.  So don't waste your time to push every little inch of the headphones.  Don't pull at the headphones and think that somehow pulling the headphones apart is going to make the audio cord expand because they won't.  But for real, if you ever buy these headphones, just open up the holding case.  Then you'll realize that the rest of the audio cords are in the case...yeah.

Alright so I finally got it plugged into my laptop and I start listening to my iTunes.  I put on Adele.  Holy shit.  Serenity now.




I really wish that I had had these headphones when I was taking AP Music Theory in high school because I can hear just about every thing in these headphones.  I haven't heard music have this much depth and richness since I was sitting in a recording studio editing my audition tapes.  And the BASS!  HOLY CRAPOLA BATMAN!  I have no idea if anyone can hear the music from my headset but I feel like I'm at a live concert the bass on some of my music is rockin so hard.  LOVE IT!

Bottom Line:  No regrets.  These headphones are FANTASTIC!

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