Sunday, May 8, 2011


Oops, I haven't updated in forever.  I apologize.  Have no fear, I am currently unemployed and will therefore probably have nothing better to do with my time after college than update my blog.  Beware if you live in Fairfax, if I catch you doing anything odd, I shall probably write about you.  :)

Now, as the title of my blog indicates, I am truly a contradiction (but really, who isn't?).  I judge people on my blog for not following social etiquette and yet I rarely follow my own advice.

Here is an example of my contradictory self.  While "writing" a paper on Spanish identity as "schizophrenic," (a term I personally dislike to the fullest), I decided that I should focus my attention on emphasizing a part of my own personal identity that has gone by the wayside since I've been in college.  Now, if you knew me in high school, then this will not surprise you at all.  Yes, I did actually cry in my room when I watched this because I was so happy and so excited.  If you don't feel that way, you are an orc.  Really.

The Hobbit.  My favorite book of all time.  : )

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