Monday, April 4, 2011


After many miserable days in which it seemed like we lived in Hoth System, we have finally returned to beautiful, beautiful weather!!!! With that being said, for all of you losers sitting inside, GET YOUR BUTTS OUTDOORS! I don't know if you've noticed, but the weather around here is kinda shifty soooo, get outside and get some fresh air.  It'll definitely do you some good.  And to all of you people with your leather backpacks and bags, have no fear, I will be joining you shortly, but until that time I am thoroughly jealous of your coolness.  You will be inferior once I bring back out my Florentine leather messenger bag.  Can't beat Florentine leather suckerssssss.  I must question the sanity of some of people sitting outside of Clemons though.  I am in a turquoise romper (thats right, laugh.  it looks hott on me, you're just jealous) and I had to take off my sweater because I was sweating.  Here's my crazy, but extraordinarily logical explanation (at least for me) as to why you are sitting like that.  You are obviously a vampire.  Look dude, embrace who are you.  Take that scarf off and let your body sparkleeeee! It's really ok.  Honestly, I don't even really think people will notice.  Vampires are kinda last year.  So seriously, just embrace your vampireness...although on second thought I would appreciate it if you refrained from embracing all aspects of your know like the part about sucking humans blood.  Embrace your body, just not all of your cravings.  Self-restraint is a good thing.  Thanks.

P.S. Who else thinks Water for Elephants looks FANTASTIC!?!  Cant wait!

Movie post or inspirational quote post next?  You know that it won't necessarily be what you think either way.  Opinions/thoughts/suggestions/love and admiration?  All of the above is appreciated.

GO OUTSIDE AND HAVE FUN! Be a five year old and run around on the lawn.  Play tag.  Play ladder ball and drink a beer (ok maybe five years don't do that.  lame asses.) Wear a sundress.  LET YOUR LEGS BE FREE! Aka, go and have fun and enjoy this weather while it lasts before it turns back into the Hoth System


  1. Oh jeez I miss you - I can totally hear you reading this aloud.

    Also, I'm fine with this weather as long as we don't go from Hoth to Tatooine in like, two weeks. I want spring - aka Alderaan weather!

    And I will not wear a sundress, thank you very much, but I will wear shorts. My butt looks big in sundresses :P

    Anddddd I vote for movie post next!

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