Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh Library

Once again I'm back in school.  Law School this time and I find myself once again spending more time than would seem human possible in the library.  And once again, we find ourselves with some very interesting people.  In particular, the people who have no sense of respect for those around them.  Aka, the people who just can't be quiet and somehow think that the library is a social space.  At this point, there is a group of girls sitting at the table next to me, 3Ls.  They just appeared about 2 minutes ago and so far they have not shut up.  All, and I mean all, the other people in the room have turned to glare at them and they have not gotten the picture.  Actually, I believe that they find it to be a badge of honor.  Why?  I have no idea.  3Ls confuse me, but let me tell you something 3Ls, its not nice.  Don't you remember being a 1L and freaking out about every little thing?  This is a library.  Take out a book or your laptop and for goodness sake at least pretend to be working on something.  Just pretend.  It'll at least make some of us feel a little less hostile towards you.  And when I mean pretend that you're working on something, I didn't mean take out crayons.  No for real though, why do you have crayons in law school?  Ridiculous.  Arts and crafts is in the undergrad area.  Please go bother them.  K thanx.

1L Who Wants to Commit A Tortious Battery By Throwing Something At You.

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