Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not an overreaction part 2

Here is an even better photo of what I'm talking about

As you can see, there is not a soul on that side of the room.  I understand if you're one of those people that can't stand to be alone, but seriously, the library is not the right place for you because to be honest, the majority of us come to the library to get away from people like you.  Some of us come to the library to hide, so when people you don't know decide that they want to become you're new best friend at the library, its just not ok.  Not only do I not wish to be friendly to someone who sits at my table when there are 3 perfectly empty tables to my left, but I am honestly not that friendly of a person at the library.  Even if you were in a class entitled, RAND 1010 How To Make Random Ass Friends In The Library, I would not make friends with you.  Actually I would e-mail your teacher and tell them that they should probably flunk you because all I want to do is slap you silly.  Why?  Because you're supposed to be lonely in certain rooms in the library!  Like this one.  So, please, remove yourself from my table before you become the topic of my colonialism paper, in which you have unnecessarily taken over parts of the room and table which did not belong to you.  I will not let you have table/room dominance over me!!!

P.S. its really ok to comment on these posts.  i appreciate it. :)


  1. Im tempted to sit next to you while wearing a disguise just to see what happens. Happy studying

  2. You can wear a disguise but I'll see right through it...have no fear, I will definitely make fun of you for trying to irritate me. : )

  3. So start setting "imaginary" friends at the table...unless you want to continue your sociological analysis of library table. Start setting a notebook or your bag in the other seats. It works on the Metro for rude people, right??? Or stop showering...that could work too.