Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is not an overreaction

Alright I'm sure quite a few of you that read my blog believe that I am overreacting when I say that people have an obsession with sitting on top of me in the library.  Well now I have documentary proof.  There are three people at my table, one person directly in front of me, one person at the table behind me, one person at another table, and no one at two other tables.  Let is also be noted that I was here first.  Also, there are more outlets at the empty tables then there are at my table...

The person who has insisted on sitting directly across from me has also shoved all of his books onto my half of the table and he keeps on blinking far too hard than necessary.  I mean I know that I smell nice, but this is completely unnecessary.  I simple, you smell nice, is good enough for me and then you walk away!  Come on people!  Have you all been in similar situations?

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