Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Unfortunate

So, instead of reading Perez.com for my Art and Anthropology I was creepily checking out guys in the library as per usual.  Lets be honest, the people are around me are far more interesting than Pomo basket weaving and seriously, isn't anthropology all about observation and being part of the human community.  Kinda hard to do that when I'm reading a book.  Anyways, under that bull shit pretense I spotted two very adorable first, maybe second, year boys.  Mr Cocoa-colored hair was very interesting to watch until he did something absolutely horrific to my day dreaming as to who he was.  He stretched.  Now normally, this would not bother me in the least, but this stretch was just not normal.  Actually, it was terrifying.  While stretching, he emitted the loudest, most barbaric (yes, I went there anthro nerds) sound.  I felt a chill down my spine and instead of immediately hiding underneath my desk which was my first reaction, I decided to get a better look.  The next sound that came out of him may perhaps have been a yawn for some but for me it sounded like a Wookie crying at the take-over of their planet, like at the end of Episode III.  Now, normally this would have made me sympathize with him but this kid is not a wookie.  He's not even hairy.  Now, all I can think of when I look at him is that he needs to be giant and hairy (a walking carpet comes to mind) and to be honest, the amount of hair that I'm talking about it just not attractive.  So I ceased my stalking of former beauty #1 and continued onto to potential daydream man #2.  At first I thought he was an engineer, staring intently at his computer screen and then, of course, I had to see what he was working on because, let's be honest, it has to be more interesting than reading about Pomo basket weaving.  Anything should be more interesting than Pomo basket weaving.  Well, not that this isn't interesting but seriously, Dungeons and Dragons?  Dude, that was so 90s.  Pick up on what's cool nerd stuff.  So disappointed.  Congrats unfortunate specimens of the male sex, you have officially deterred me from creepily looking at people in the library.  Pomo basket weaving will be far less disappointing than you.  You should be ashamed. (note sarcasm...but not really)

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