Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's a frosty day here in the nations capital, but I must say that I thought that it felt very long as the wind wasn't blowing. So basically it was freezing because let's be honest, IT WAS WINDY! But this weather is absolutely perfect for watching football, especially the PLAYOFFS! I've gotta say, I have not been disappointed by the playoff games this year. I don't know how many of you watched the playoff games that were happening yesterday, but they were truly amazing. ESPN and just about every football morning show were hyping the Patrios-Broncos game, but honestly, the game that they should have been hyping was the 49ers-Saints game. Both teams were tremendously coached and had solid teams on both sides of the ball which made watching the game a true joy. It was like watching the clash of the Titans. So.freaking.awesome. If you havent been watching the playoff games, turn on the TV and watch the Packers-Giants game thats about to start because you're gonna be in for a real treat. The Giants are finally healthy and let's be real, the Packers have something special going on. So what's the point of this post: a thank you to the NFL for actually playing their butts off in the playoffs.

Oh, and for everyone that is hating on Tebow because of the final score yesterday, please don't comment unless you watched the game. That team broke down on both sides of the ball. Tom Brady tore the Broncos defense to shreds and I dont think anyone expected the Patriots defense to finally show up to play. Ravens, you better hope that the Patriots defense doesn't come to play next week because if you play the Patriots the way you played today, Joe Flacco will be in the hospital because the Ravens offensive line was pathetic today and they were lucky that TJ Yates threw those 3 interceptions. If the Ravens play the way they played today, expect another high-scoring game for the Patriots.

And just for kicks, I started playing with the Instagram app on my iPad. Freaking awesome. Here are some of the photos I played with on that app

Have a great Sunday!


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