Friday, March 2, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

So I like said in a pervious post, I haven't had a whole lot of time to post, especially because I don't have access to to this blog at work. Well I'd like to share a few stories with you. Ok first story. I'm in a training class that's going to last about a month and it's kind of a bizarre class as I'm in the actual classroom for two days and I'm in a "virtual" classroom the other three. Really weird. Like wicked weird. Anyways, today I was in a virtual lecture and the instructor was asking whether we could all hear him. So someone happened to type at the exact same time, "has the class started?" So our brilliant instructor then relays over the microphone, if you cannot hear me, please respond now telling me that you are unable to hear me. I just sat staring at the screen. Ae you effing kidding Me? Please respond if you can't hear me? That's like in elementary school when the teacher jokingly asks you to raise your hand if your not there and some moron always thought it says funny to raise their hand. I personally felt that that meant that their bodies were there but their minds weren't so it was kind of like answering the question. You know, it was kind of their only outlet for them to say, why yes, I am an idiot. Tank you so much for letting me verify that fact with the class. Anyways, that's how I felt when I heard that comment. Fortunately someone else responded before I could. "just FYI, if he can't hear you, he can't respond. Just a suggestion but you might want to TYPE that comment. Kind of makes more sense." I don't know who the guy was, but he is my new best friend. A crusader trying his best to save the world from stupidity. A truly great challenge and one that I wish him the best in. I Caen only hope for more Technological greatness in the future. :) have a happy March everyone!

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