Monday, September 24, 2012

All Magic Comes With A Price

Less than a week until Once Upon A Time returns to ABC!  I absolutely cannot wait!  All of the teasers that the producers have been releasing over the past few weeks have been driving me CRAZY!!!  So for all of you OUAT fans out there, check out another great sneak peek from TV Guide.  In this article you get 4 clips from the next season and, I'm gonna take a wild guess here, but they seem to be from the first episode which is RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING!  So without further ado here is my unnecessary analysis of the 4 clips and what they could possible mean for the rest of Season 2.

Dr Whale Getting Feisty-
Clip 1: It seems as if Regina has lost her powers, but as you learn in another clip (clip #3) that magic does not work the same in Storybrooke as it did in the fairy-tale land.  Well no shit, we figured that out too.  With that said though, I still believe that Regina's enactment of the curse may have had an even larger price than she had anticipated.  It may have seriously diminished her powers.  Thats a little far-fetched but it could possibly be part of the problem.  The most interesting part of this clip however is the interaction between Regina and Dr Whale.  Was Dr Whale Team Regina in fairy-tale land or a victim of Regina's.  Is he mad because Regina betrayed him somehow or is he mad because he remembers the awful things that Regina did to him?  I don't know because I honestly am having the hardest time figuring out his character.  Was he one of Regina's guards?  He seems too important to be someone that insignificant but now I'm not so sure.  I just can't think of any fairy-tale characters that are doctors or medical staff in any way shape or form.  I still hold that he might be part of Pinocchio's story but my belief in that theory is fading fast.

Clip 2: Snow White/Mary Margaret/Mrs Charming/Emma's mom/Henry's grandmother, Prince Charming/David/Shepard/Emma's father/Abigail's husband/Snow White's husband/Henry's grandfather, and Emma are walking down the street with the "good guys" of Storybrooke and basically Mr and Mrs Charming want to speak with their daughter about everything thats going on and Emma expectedly is like, um hell to tha nah.  I mean when you think about, how effed up is that?  If you're an orphan and all you dream about is finding your parents, I think that its pretty normal to assume that your parents are going to be, oh I don't know, OLDER THAN YOU?  Yeah, thats just effed up.  Totally understand Emma's concern in this issue.  Totally messed up.

Clip 3: Regina's in jail and can't use magic.  She tells Prince Charming that the land that they left is gone, that is has been destroyed.  Somehow I have a hard time believing that because where would the magic have come from.  Where would Jefferson have gone to get the apple if it wasn't from their land?  Also, I don't ever remember Rumpelstiltskin saying that the curse would destroy fairy-tale land, only that it would transport them to a place where they would not achieve their happy endings.  Also, Regina makes this claim because Prince Charming seems to think that by breaking the curse, they would somehow be transported back.  Last time I checked they never stated what breaking the curse meant exactly.  If they want their happy endings, then finding each other with their memories in tact would be breaking the curse, not transporting them back.  Also, they've already mentioned that magic does not work the same in Storybrooke.  Does that also mean that even though the "curse is broken," it could have originally meant that they would be transported back but because magic doesn't work the same, they weren't?  Also, I'm not sure if the curse has been broken.  Isn't Emma supposed to fight Regina a bunch of times?  Pretty positive that came into play in one of the episodes that she is actually supposed to fight Regina a few times.  Last time I checked, Emma has definitely not attacked Regina enough times to make that happen.
Colin O'Donoghue as OUAT's Captain Hook-

Clip 4: Belle and Rumpelstiltskin.  Enough said.  That relationship is gonna be weird.  The end.

Can't wait for the addition of Captain Hook!!! Thats going to be FANTASTIC!!!!

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