Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sad Story of Caffeine

I would like to share with you all a very sad story.  It is the story of a boy and a girl in a library.  These two do not know one another and now they never will for reasons which will soon become evident.  The boy sat down near the girl in one of the school libraries and had had a few too many venti coffees today.  At least, this is what the girl figured as the boy didn't stop fidgeting/moving around for about 20 minutes.  Normally the girl would have merely laughed at the awkwardness of the fidgeting boy, but unfortunately for the girl, the boy was sitting directly behind her and every time he moved his 200+ pound body, the girl felt it.  Much to her dismay.  Eventually the boy stopped.  The girl assumed that his caffeine had finally worn off and that he had passed out.  She turned around and such was the case.  And the girl rejoiced.  But the girl became alarmed when she viewed another female walking up the giant.  The giant (aka the boy) and giant's gal (gg, also known as the annoying jerk who woke up the giant) switched seat and GG sat behind the girl who was only minding her own business.  GG had also been to the local caffeine shop and too had consumed an astonishing amount of caffeinated beverages for GG, like her giant friend, has been incapable of sitting still for a period longer than 5 minutes.  And this is the sad story for the girl who wanted merely to have a non-bumpy, jostling time in the library.

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