Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Not The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

So as I have said before, I’m in a class for basically the rest of the month, which at this point feels like the rest of my life because I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to get through it. Its not that I’m not learning because the information is actually fascinating (I know, big nerd right here), but we have these virtual days where we’re supposed to do work and seriously, I don’t understand who they think they’re dealing with or perhaps the people in my class are this slow but I am quite literally editing papers and briefings 2 and 3 times over. Unnecessarily.  Anyways, one of the big things in this class is “Collaboration.”  Aka, they wanted to teach the class about Social Media.  Great.  Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I kinda already know how to use it.  I mean its cool and all, but seriously, I don’t want to spend 2 days going over the very, very basics of the usages of Social Media. Nor do I want the instructors to leave so that I’m sitting in a classroom with some of my classmates who have never used social media.  When the instructors leave its like the floodgate opens.  Normally I just ignore all of my classmates technical questions and just zone out and think about all of the potential plot twists and fillers for Once Upon a Time, so you can imagine how angry I was when I was thinking about who that dude from Covert Affairs is (btw I think hes Grimm) and I was interrupted to answer some computer questions. Social Media questions I can answer.  Hardware questions I cannot.  For real people.  Just because I am under the age of 25 does not make an IT wiz.  I know that is shocking to all of you because for some reason people have this notion that everyone under 25 is some sort of naturally born hacker.  That understanding the finer parts of computers is part of our generation.  Well it kinda is.  But I’m not normal.  And I’m a Mac kid.  So no, I do not know how to fix your stupid Windows problems.  Nor do I know why your system actually smells like its burning.  But if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that its because you have too many programs running at once, plus the fact that your foot is on the tower and its tipped sideways.  That could potentially do it.  But again, I am not an IT person.  Again, I know shocking.  But seriously, my age does not qualify me as an IT expert.  Its just not how it works.  But one thing I can tell you.  For goodness sake, when you’re responding to someone via IM, please, please, please do not @ tag them and think that they can magically know that you’re IMing thing.  Seriously, that’s not the way it works.  And it especially doesn’t work when you put a space between the @ symbol and the name. And what especially especially doesn’t help is when the instructors are doing that and then use it as an example as to how to properly communicate with people via IM.  Yeah.  Nor is it productive to give trick questions at the beginning of a class and then make a pun out of the question.  First, no one likes puns.  That’s why you either get the uncomfortable laugh that’s more like a “WTF?” in laugh form or you get crickets.  Unless you really like making people uncomfortable, just don’t do those jokes.  And for goodness sake, once no one has laughed at your joke, don’t take the silence as applause.  But for real.  Its not.  Its more like our utter horror that you just first, gave us a trick question and then acted like we were stupid, and then second, made a pun out of it.  Its just not funny.  And when you’re going to use the Mayhem guy as a joke for GPS, for goodness sake do it right.  Seriously, how do you screw that up?!?  RECALCULATING! RECALCULATING! RECALCULATING!  How do you not remember that when you’re using it as a joke?  Its one word.  Its not REPROGRAMMING!  That’s not funny.  Anyways, be prepared for more goodness tomorrow afternoon after my full day of being in a classroom learning environment.  Would you want me to be in your class? J   Also, to the red KIA that was in front of me this morning.  Your bumper sticker.  “Guns Save Lives.”  You’re right, they can sometimes.  But your driving…does not do that.  So please, USE YOUR BLINKER because maybe you didn’t realize this, but YOU TOO CAN SAVE LIVES!  Thanks and have a pleasant gun-free day.

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