Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caffeine Please?

So the place that I work at is a brand new building and inside there are a plethora of food vendors and in particular there is a "Starbucks."  Please note the quotations.  Do not be fooled...I am not cool enough to have a real Starbucks in my place of business.  That would be far too fantastic to have that happen.  No, this is a pseudo-Starbucks.  In other words, the coffee they sell is Starbucks, the syrups they use are the ones that real Starbucks use, but they are not in fact a real Starbucks.  Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I really could care whether its official or not.  I am a firm believer in a loving coffee, caffeine-addicted world.  LOVE TO ALL COFFEE BEANS!  (just in case you haven't figured it out, I just had a venti pumpkin spice...what a good world we live in :) )  Anyways, so because I am not prejudice against this supposedly false Starbucks that sells the exact same beans as a real Starbucks...ok what makes it fake then and why do they have a sign saying that?  Sorry for the random thought but that just occurred to me.  Thats really stupid.  What else qualifies you as a "real" Starbucks?  How rude of the real Starbucks people to deny their little Starbucks all the rights and privileges of a real Starbucks.  How rude that they create designations like that.  Don't they understand just how awfula nd degrading that can be for a little Starbucks franchise inside of an office building.  It's already gotta have low self-esteem because its sitting in an office building and doesn't have the usual number of random wannabe hipsters (like me), housewives, teenagers, out of work recent grads, and the rest, but it doesn't even have free wi-fi.  What a sad life for a Starbucks in an office building and it doesn't even get the title of a real Starbucks.  Truly depressing.  I feel for you fake Starbucks and I commend you on your continuation of the usage of Starbucks beans.  It is truly appreciated.  Alright, moving on.  So people in my building want Starbucks coffee in the morning.  Understandable.  So does the majority of the working population.  With that in mind and with the knowledge that a large number of people work in this one office building, it would therefore make sense to hire more than two people to man the Starbucks during the morning hours right?  That would be logical right?  Mornings = tired people (brain registers need for coffee + immediate recognition of caffeine withdrawal) = Starbucks run (lots of tired people + line) * irritation * staring at the coffee+smell of coffee/appropriate number of people working to make these people happy = happy caffeinated workers...There are two workers at our Starbucks with over 15 people in line for coffee.  One takes the cash...the other makes the drinks.  You do the math.  It equals me not being a happy camper staring at the glorious, steaming cups of coffee, at the glorious silver urns holding the coffee that I so need to partake in so that I do not harm someone in my diminished-caffeinated state...

I am out of coffee and my caffeine hit is wearing off and therefore so is this post.  Thanks for reading!

"I am naughtte without my latte." - thanks Erinn :)

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