Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ok so I'm kind of gloating but I was just on and I realized that someone repinned a photograph that I took while I was in Venice and she repinned it on her board that she entitled "Photography."  I'm not gonna lie, but that made me feel really awesome which is funny because I feel really awesome about not having done my yoga for tonight sooo....make of that what you will.  Also, going through the photos of the places that I've previously traveled to really made me nostalgic, especially because I wore a dress that I randomly bought after class when I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy and I got lots of complaints.  Yes, I am bragging again but its the first time that I've worn that dress and really liked it!  It helped that I added my new black belt to it.  Really made it chic.  So anyways, the photo didn't really make me nostalgic for Venice per se, but rather for Florence, which is weird because while I was there all I wanted to do was smack Florentine people back into the Renaissance where they belong.  I'm sorry did I type that for public reading?  But somehow I feel like I didn't appreciate it enough.  It truly is a magnificent, beautiful, and unique city.  I hope that one day I can go back and truly enjoy it in the manner in which it was meant to be appreciated.  In the mean time, its making me realize that I need to do some traveling...ASAP.  Did you know that Donald Trump opened up a winery in Charlottesville!?!  Freaking crazy!!!  See, I need to at least go back down to Charlottesville so that I'm not so out of the loop!  Donald Trump opens a winery in Charlottesville and I hear about it at work.  Hearing about anything going on in Charlottesville (by the way, some of my coworkers had no idea that the University of Virginia is in Charlottesville nor that Monticello is right there as well...seriously, how do you live in the state of Virginia for over 25 year and you don't realize that.  Again, I apologize.  I am a history nerd and I have a great affection for my home state and all of its wonderful and important history.) via my coworkers just goes to show that I need to get in touch with my Wahoo roots.  I need some TJ in life.  Hard core.

So anyways, that post was kind of pointless...kind of like this blog.  Below is the photo that I took of Venice in the summer of 2010.  I can't really take credit for how it turned out because the city is gorgeous.  I was merely able to capture a bit of it on my camera.

P.S. RIP Steve Jobs.  I am currently able to write this blog on my MacBook Pro due to your vision and genius.  Truly, thank you.  You have shaped my generation and the way that we view the world.

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