Monday, October 3, 2011

Tryin To Drive

Alright so I started a new job about two weeks ago, hence the hiatus in blogging.  I wasn't sure if this website would be blocked at my computer at work, but its not so YAYYYY!

Basically, I was told that my drive into work would be all so simple.  Just drive 7100 and you'll be there in no time. Well I'm calling shenanigans on that bullshittery because that just ain't true.  First off, have you ever noticed that every time you need to get somewhere fast, everyone around you seems to be driving at or below the speed limit and when you don't really need to go anywhere, everyone around you is driving ten above?  Maybe its just me but that seems to be a constant in my life the past two weeks.  For reals though.  Every time I'm late to work, there are these three construction trucks that insist on driving about 40 mph.  On a four lane road, thats just not gonna work for me.  You know why?  Because every little pathetic driver who otherwise would piss themselves to drive in the left lane all of sudden find that the left lane is there only option and to make matters worse, I know exactly where those trucks are my exit.  So I have the pleasure of their company and their ensuing traffic  Really?  Its just cruel.  Also, why is it that people have an annoying habit of speeding up the moment you put your blinker on?  Look dude, you were obviously going slow enough that I felt that I had enough room to move in in front of you.  You left about 5 car lengths between you and the next car.  Are you really that much of a control freak that you need to cut me off in order to maintain your pathetic 50 mph?  You truly are a sad driver.  Also, for all of you people that insist on driving the speed limit in the left lane...didnt you go to driver's school?  Didn't you watch the video with Donald Duck where Disney explains that the left lane is the fast lane and that if you're not going to go above the speed limit to remove yourself from that lane in order for the speed demons to get their tickets?  Don't you remember that?  Or were you that kid that was sleeping in the back of the room during that movie...yeah thats what I thought.  Thanks a lot butthead.  Anyways, your inability to drive over 50 mph in the left lane not only forces me to obey the law, which I do not appreciate, but you are forcing every other person behind me to obey the law.  Way to be a controlling, manipulative driver.  Not appreciated.  Please take your law-abiding ways to the right lane and let the people who are funding the police department do their civic duty and speed and get tickets.  But honestly, driving 50 mph on 7100?  Where are you from?  Idaho?  In only a few minutes, I shall be once again joining the throngs of people returning from work and all I have to say is this:  LETS GOOOOO!!!!

I'd also like to give a shoutout to my Hoos and Redskins for wins this weekend.  You make me very proud. :)

Do you have any driving stories that you'd like to share with the class?  Feel free!  I appreciate comments.  It makes me feel special.

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