Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Colors of Fall

Here are some more colors of fall...sorry that these posts are ridiculously interesting but the colors all around me are taking over my sense.  My apologies.

Here's a good story for you.  So as many of you know, I work in the Federal Government and there are certain things that you just shouldn't say on the phone...and certain things that people calling you shouldn't say.  Like, you know, theoretically, your father calling your work phone and his first words being, "We're under attack!"  I almost had a heart attack.  My dad was talking about all of the fire trucks that were at our next door neighbors house because their exceptionally intelligent dog managed to knock over a lamp and set the curtain on fire.  My neighbors had no idea that it was their curtain that was on fire, rather that they thought it to be an electrical fire.  So, just in case you were wondering, if you call the fire department and tell them that you have an electrical fire...they're going to send their firefighters in with axes in order to cut down the walls to find the electrical fire.  Fun right?  So my father sees all of the firefighters with their axes and decides to jokingly call me, at work, and tell me that we were under attack.  Dear lord.  Good thing they don't monitor my phones at work...right?

Btw, I tried to show some non-orange photos in this post.  UVA and homecoming is on my mind.  LETS GO HOOS!

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