Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh Summer TV Shows

Has anyone else noticed that in the month of June there were basically no new TV shows on?  Especially on USA or TNT.  Was anyone else hurt by this?  It made me cry a few time, especially when TNT insisted on putting out teaser trailers for The Closer.  Or when TV Guide insisted on posting beautiful photos of Matt Bomer from White Collar.  It was just evil.  Pure and simple.  TNT and USA, have you read the US Constitution.  Cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited in the US.  Yeah thats right.  June was cruel and unusual punishment.  But I must say, thank you for finally putting all of my favorite shows back on TV...even if they're all on at the same time and I'm in Nebraska without my DVR. Its alright.  I'll make it work because you, cruel abusing TV Cable companies that control my happiness.  You have forced my hand.  You have found my weakness and are abusing it to the tenth degree.  How can you stand yourself!?!  Knowing that people are suffering without their summer shows.  Cruel.

But I must say, White Collar.  Wow.  You never fail to impress.  Last season was good, but this episode is better than all of Season 3.  Multiple scenes of Matt Bomer with his shirt off and he put on some weight and has a scruffy beard.  Wow.  No seriously.  Breath taken away.  I can't freaking take it.  And Mozzie.  Love you.  Oh and Neil's back story.  GET ON WITH IT!  I NEED MORE ASAP!!!  Oh and please keep Neil shirtless with the scruffy face.  Its wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  And magical.  And makes me so happy.  The story line is of course fantastic and the episode isn't even over yet.  So bottom line:  White Collar is back and better than ever.  Highly recommend.  :)  Enjoy!

Oh and if you're not watching White Collar right now.  Stop what you're doing.  No seriously.  Stop reading this blog and watch the show.  It will make your life a better place.

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  1. Okay you've got me. I am watching it tonight. Love white collar. Thinking of becoming a criminal or FBI agent just so I can work with him