Monday, July 16, 2012

Old Market

Explored the Old Market again.  I had dinner at Upstream Brewing.  I got the fish and chips and honestly, they were fantastic.  Their beer-batter was to die for and they brought the chips with vinegar.  The only disappointing parts of the meal were this random "cucumber salad" in which the cucumbers looked sad and wilted and sick.  Thats kind of the only way of describing them.  Oh and they tasted that way too.  If you're gonna order this, try not to get the depressing cucumbers.  They just kind of look at you and you kinda just wanna puke.  Anyways, so the "cucumber salad" or whatever the hell it was was kind of depressing and I gotta say, for a microbrewery I was not impressed and underwhelmed.  I went during Happy Hour (which btw I totally recommend.  Half off any beer and half off appetizers.  Great deal) and I ordered the Capital Premium Pale Ale.  I absolutely hated it.  Seriously.  I couldn't even get half way through.  Life is far too short to drink a lousy beer.  So I didn't.  I wish I had ordered whatever the fish and chips were fried in because that beer tasted fantastic.  Note to self: ORDER THE FISH AND CHIPS BEER.  IT IS A FOOD ORGASM.  The end.  So go order yourself a succulent fish and chips.  In beer-batter.  Right now.  Imagine that wonderful golden fried gooeyness.

Are you salivating yet?  haha sucker.  I hope you're reading this after your workout.  :)

Anyways, after that I decided that I wanted to walk around some more.  I mean I paid $5 for parking.  I might as well get my moneys worth.  So I went over to this shop called Curbside Clothing.  I freaking loved it.  Ridiculously artsy.  Great paintings and photos on the walls.  The graphic designs on the clothes are all unique and actually have a meaning which is pretty sweet.  Also, the majority of the jewelry can be found on and if you're like me and you're a pretend hipster, then you love  So needless to say, check out the link to the store.  It was quite awesome.  I also visited my favorite little hippie store in the Old Market, The Souq.

Once again, loved it.  Basically for anyone who has ever taken a class in the UVA Anthro Dept, let me just say this.  They would either call this store you're typical exotic or would probably be running the store.  Its one of the two.  Anyways, I'm always a sucker and I love it because it makes me feel cool and unique.  All in all, a very productive evening.  Hope you all are having a good one too!

For more photos of the Old Market, click here

NOTE: All photos on this site were taken by me.  :)  Let me know if you like them!

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  1. You sold me - I am going to go that restaurant and buy the beer batter fish and chips. I will not order the sad cucumber stuff - they cannot make me and therefore I will not!! I will stand my ground on that issue. Loved linking the pictures. Plan on going online to look at the jewelry. Well done!!