Monday, February 14, 2011

What is that noiseeee

Alright kid sitting behind me in Clemons. Just in case you haven't noticed, our seats are connected, so every time you start jumping up and down to your favorite song or because you feel the need to jump out of your seat and correct your friend sitting across from you, you're making the seat move up...kinda like a waterbed. Similar situation except I seriously don't want to be there with you. No but really, you've gotta be twice my weight, so please, keep your head bobbing and jumping up and down on your seat to a minimum. You're not five and jumping on your bed at home. Oh, and I seriously don't wanna listen to your weird ass techno music so if you could kindly turn your music down as well, that'd be great. Also, whistling to techno music...really? Do you know just how wrong that is? How the hell are you supposed to feel the intensity that is so powerful in techno music when you're whistling to it like you're freakin Bing Crosby. Seriously kid, you've got some serious audio issues.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! It's beautiful outside! In words of Alyssa: Weather, you are my Valentine! Oh and I definitely ran this morning before I went to the library. I just patted myself on the back.

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